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What is the Home Alone Starter Kit?

With the Home Alone Starter Kit you will find step by step items to help you decide if your child is ready to start the process of learning to stay home alone, and many tips, topics to discuss, and checklists to get you, your child and your home in order.

Staying home alone is a rite of passage for all kids, and doing it with a proactive approach boosts a child's self-confidence and sense of responsibility. This is a great opportunity to teach your children skills, build trust, and communication.

What is included in the Home Alone Starter Kit: 

State by State Guidelines for Leaving Kids Home Alone

Age and Time Recommendations for Leaving Kids Home Alone
9 Skill to Teach Your Kids

The What if? Game

Do's and Don'ts When Home Alone

Get the House Ready

✅ My Home Alone Activity List

Not ready to leave your kids home alone? Click here for info on vetting and hiring someone to watch your child. Includes an interview to download.

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